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Cottage Tea Rooms Tea Selection, by Adore Teas

English Breakfast

A traditional treat. A stimulating blend of Assam and Ceylon teas, it has a refined flavour with a smooth finish.

Earl Grey

The grand old earl himself. Large leaf ceylon tea is infused with Bergamot to produce a vibrant citrus flavour which has delighted royals for generations.

Scottish Blend

With its full bodied flavour and punchy strength, this tea is not for the faint hearted. This undeniably strong blend of African and Ceylon tea is guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

Apricot & Peach

Sweet apricots, juicy peaches and vibrant marigold blossoms combine in this delightful tea. Light and bright, this fruity infusion will fill you with joy with every sip.

French Earl Grey

A divine infusion of earl grey tea with scrumptious floral infusion of hibiscus flowers, sunflowers and rose petals. A MUST for earl grey lovers.

China Rose

Like sitting in a rose garden with a hot cup of tea in your hands. This blend of China black tea has been smothered with roses to give an intoxicating floral aroma and flavour.


There's a buzz in the air about this tea. A sweet blend of black tea generously drizzled with honey.

Lemon & Ginger

Black tea infused with a zesty twist of lemon and complimented by tangy ginger.

Decaf French Earl Grey

All the flavour of our divine French Earl Grey with none of the caffeine! With a sprinkling of rose petals and hibiscus flowers, this tea is a treat you can brew right through the night.

Mint Slice

A crisp chocolate beginning followed by a thick layer of delicious mint cream and beautiful smooth coating of dark chocolate... all in a cup of tea.

Devonshire Cream

A scrumptious blend of smooth, creamy tea with just a touch of vanilla. Devine as an afternoon treat.

Strawberries & Cream

The english tradition. Take sweet, succulent strawberries and smother them in rich, full cream, then infuse with tea. Dessert in a cup.

Turkish Delight

Melt into the world of tantalising Turkish delight. With this blend of chocolate and rose, you may even forget you are drinking tea.


Take a stroll through an indian spice market. Starting with a strong base of classic Indian tea, infuse yourself with warm cinnamon, wander past zingy ginger, take a twirl with cardamom pods and giggle along with cheeky cloves. Indulge all your sense with this classic Indian blend.


Oolong teas a semi-fermented to bring out the earthy qualities evident in tea leaves. This variety is slightly sweet with a delicate fruity touch and an earthy aroma that will transport you to the tea fields where these leaves matured.

China Sencha

A delicate and delightfully refreshing tea. Known for its grassy aroma, Chinese Sencha is slightly sweeter on the palate than the japanese variety.

Lemon Sencha

Enjoy the heavenly aroma of freshly squeezed lemons as it wafts from your cup of steaming green tea. A zesty and utterly refreshing brew.

Moroccan Mint

Mint tea is not just a drink in Morocco; it is a sign of hospitality, friendship, and tradition. A delicious blend of fresh peppermint and mellow green tea. Try brewing traditionally by stirring brown sugar through the brewed tea.


Fresh and vibrant and deliciously minty, Peppermint is a classic that appeals to all. It can also help relax and calm the body, aid the digestive and respiratory systems, decongest those with colds and flus and aid those with nausea or gallbladder issues. A must try for tea lovers.

Berries of the Forrest

Fruit and flowers combine in this blissfully sweet treat. The blend of strawberries, raspberries, elderberries, blackberries, rosehip and hibiscus will draw you in with its rosy red hues.

Lemongrass & Ginger

Indulge in zesty ginger and tangy lemongrass with this aromatic blend. Perfectly refreshing, this caffeine free blend is ideal for a lazy summer afternoon.

Rose Garden

Like relaxing ona garden bench in spring, sit back, close your eyes and inhale. Containing rose, chamomile, hibiscus and lavender, this floral brew is simply bursting with beautiful blossoms.


This South African blend is naturally sweet and will draw you in with its bright red hue. Light and simply a joy to drink this tea will please young and old and has the added benefit of being caffeine free.

Vanilla Rooibos

A relaxed fusion of sweet Rooibos tea with velvety vanilla. A match made in heaven for any sweet tooth.

Decaf Ceylon

Ceylon tea is renowned for its rich flavour and inviting aroma. Indulge in this classic cup of caffeine free tea, no matter how late the hour.

Strawberries & Cream - The english tradition. Take sweet, succulent strawberries and smother them in rich, full cream, then infuse with tea. Dessert in a cup.