Cottage Tea Rooms

High Tea In The Valley

Cottage Tea Rooms' High Tea

High Tea at Cottage Tea Rooms is ideal for a celebration, a special occasion or simply just because.

Prices for High Teas -Monday to Friday: $35 per person; Saturday & Sunday: $40 per person

High Teas must be booked at least one working day prior.

For groups larger than 4, we ask bookings be made at least 2 days prior. For a weekend booking, we ask you contact us further in advance as tables book out quickly.

Minimum for High Tea is 2 people, and maximum is 50 - however, this number of people would be spread between the three tea rooms or, weather permitting, outside.

High Tea is served in a two hour sitting, at either 11am or 2pm

Our High Teas commence with an assortment of mini savoury bites, followed by tiers with assorted cakes, pastries and macarons. Freshly baked scones and copious amounts of Adore Tea or Yahava Coffee finish the high tea experience.

All menu items are seasonal and depend on availability.

Due to a lack of space, we ask that prams and strollers be used with discretion inside the tea rooms. However, if you inform us at the time of booking, we will try our best to allow for the room.

High Tea Menu

Hot Savouries

Caramelized Onion & Bacon Quiche
Baked Rice Slice w/ Pine Nuts and Mushrooms
Zucchini & Goats Cheese Muffin
Sausage Roll


Beetroot & Cream Cheese
Ham & Sweet Mustard
Curried Egg & Baby Spinach


Red Velvet Cupcake
Salted Caramel Meringue
Chocolate Mousse


Plain & Cranberry-Almond
With Strawberry Jam & Cream


English Breakfast Tea
Today's recommended Tea
Plunger Coffee

Oolong - Oolong teas a semi-fermented to bring out the earthy qualities evident in tea leaves. This variety is slightly sweet with a delicate fruity touch and an earthy aroma that will transport you to the tea fields where these leaves matured.